Sunday, November 1, 2009

Word of the Lord

     So, we had a word of the Lord from one of our leaders for the team.  I wrote it in my journal so that I would not forget.  Acts 4:32 & 33.  "They were of one heart, in tune with one another, going the same way.  They were of one mind (soul) breathing spiritually together.  They had all things in common, they witnessed with great power, and grace was upon them."
     A brief word a bout Turkiye.  I have wanted to go to Turkiye since I did my SOIP in 2006.  We had an amazing time of prayer that lasted about 4 hours, and during that time God really gave me His heart for this nation.  The very idea that the 7 churches in Revelations don't even exist any longer really breaks my heart.  Not only that, the country is so heavily Muslim that it's difficult to believe that this was once such a Christian nation.  So, we are really thrilled to be going and leading this team.

    The team consists of three students from the DTS (Discipleship Training School), 4 from the SOSM (School of Strategic Missions), and 14 from the SOIP (School of Intercessory Prayer).  We have 5 leaders going with the team, but David and I are the main leaders.  I was greatly encouraged by this word, as we have a lot to tackle as far as team dynamics.  Please keep our unity in your prayers, as well as praying that we don't fall under the spirits of the land.  Because Turkiye is 99.9% Muslim, the women have a hard time relating to what they're feeling from the men, and the men sometimes begin to look down on the women....I am talking about team dynamics, not the Muslims in the country.  We need to be unified, and to treat the women with great respect. 

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