Saturday, December 19, 2009

Izmir and the 7 Churches of Revelation

Today is Saturday, December 19th.  On Thursday, we went to the sites of two of the 7 churches - the sites of the cities, that is.  In the early days of the church,there weren't any church buildings. In fact, there were only home churches.  It wasn't until around the 3rd century that the Christians began to use a building to meet in.  They actually bought old basilicas - which were used for worship of Greek or Roman gods, and converted them to places where they met.  Cool info, huh?  Anyway, we went to Pergamum and Thyatira.  It was pretty incredible.  Even though there was false idol worship in these cities, they are the very same cities where Paul walked, and where Christianity spread to the GentilesTomorrow, we go to Smyrna and Ephesus.  Even as I am writing this, I am hearing the Muslim call to prayer.  It's really loud, but it still can't drown out Jesus in my heart, and in my spirit!  We are having an incredible time.
     This morning, we had an opportunity to worship, during a 24 hour prayer time, with some of the frontline workers here.  We also prayed for them, and shared words of the Lord that we felt for them.  It seemed to really bless and encourage them.  We go to three more cities of the 7 churches on Tuesday, ending in Laodicea, and then going on to Antalya where we will spend Christmas at a retreat house.  We have been so blessed in all we have put our hands to here.  Thank you for your continuing prayers!

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