Friday, February 4, 2011


Just hearing the word makes you lethargic.  It's one of those words that sounds distinctly Southern, but hey, we won't fight you for it.  Hot sticky humid - - those words come to mind.  But malaise is more than that.  It says in the dictionary that it is mental uneasiness.  Ah, there lies the core of the matter.

To say that I have no energy is an understatement.  I keep up with the matters of the world - - Egypt, what that could mean to the world, Nepal - still no ruler.  Things like that I will read about.  But can I clean out my closet?  No - - although in two weeks, I'll be doing that very thing at my Dad's.  Cleaning out his whole apartment, and preparing it for sale. 

I guess my body doesn't need a dress rehearsal, but my mind does.  I have become a hermit - - not really a good thing for me.  I read a lot, which is good, but nothing else seems to matter.  I do keep my home clean, cook for my husband, etc. but it all just feels like sleepwalking.

To say that I miss my Dad is an understatement.  It's like saying it's been cold here ---when the temps have been like -8.  I think the saying "you don't know what you have until it's gone" is probably an understatement as well.  Thank goodness I have my husband and my sisters, or I would go crazy.  Maybe I already am. 

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