Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1, 2011

This has been a difficult year, in so many ways.  I woke this morning with a sense of expectation over what the next year can bring! Hope springs eternal in the heart, and that's what is in my heart this morning. Although so many things really sucked this year, I feel that this year is a year of change - a year of freedom, a year I will enjoy!  

I've grown closer to my two sisters, which is amazing.  My husband and I have a closer relationship than ever - after ten years.  I feel an expectation, like Christmas morning when I was little and believed in Santa.  

I believe.  I do believe.

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  1. Lisa:

    You are an amazing life companion! It is and has been an honor to walk with you exeriencing more than I could have dreamed for in this "second-half" of my life. Your love gave me the freedom to move into my dream of working in missions and it has been the freedom of living that dream with you that has allowed us the priviledge of serving your father during this last season of his life. In July when Louis' CAT scan showed that a tumor had been diagnosed on his liver. You needed to return to provide caregiving for your Dad. I encouraged you to go and to enjoy every minute, every day that he had left on planet Earth because I felt that the memories that you made over these months would ease the pain of loosing your Dad and one of my best friends. I love you and love living the life that we have chosen together; the path Robert Frost says is the least traveled. It has made ALL the difference. Grace and Peace, David