Wednesday, January 19, 2011


We are expected to get one inch of snow, but it is really really cold outside and the snow is blowing like crazy.  I am happy to be sitting in my chair, writing this.

There was a shooting today near my nieces' school.  They locked it down, and everyone's okay, but nothing like a little action to keep everyone on their toes.  This was a Dad moment.  Lynn would have called Daddy and he would have talked her through it.  All she had was me - I hope I measured up.

The snow makes everything bright and beautiful and peaceful.  Just the right tonic for this evening.  I am blessed to have my husband here and my family within a phone call or text away.  Today was better.  I got up and got lots of housework done, which makes me infinitely happy. 

I unpacked some pictures of Daddy and put them around the house.  He looks so good.  Just because he isn't here doesn't mean I don't love him. I do. I love you, Daddy.

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