Friday, January 14, 2011


I am certain that I have many more things going on in my life than discussing the death of my Daddy.  I just haven't found them yet.  I'm still not comfortable around crowds.  In fact, I'd rather just sit home.  I am doing things one at a time. 

Today I hooked up our new printer/copier (it's wireless) and I was glad to get that done.  And then, well, I read and played scrabble.  I just don't seem to have my groove back.  I really do want to get back to what I once thought was normal, but I'm not even sure what normal is any more.

I don't feel like eating much - in fact at all.  I have lost 25 pounds, and that's a good bit.  But, I was overweight anyway.  Right?

I think about things I want to call Daddy and tell him every day, several times a day.  I talk to him, but it's a one-way conversation.  I know that he's up there, watching, rooting for me, and I'll get there.  It just takes time.  Sigh!

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